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Considerations When Working at Heights


SafetyLink’s design team has been working overtime for the last 18 years with a multitude of new roof anchors to suit any situation for working a heights. We have height safety equipment for all buildings and industrial sites from a series of roof anchor points to a complete network of roof anchor systems for maintenance, cleaning access and inspections.

SafetyLink's roof anchor point designs incorporate the same stand out feature of all our roof anchors maximising energy absorption. This dynamic design reduces the load back onto the structure and the person attached to the roof anchor.

SafetyLink's roof anchors are multi-directional.  A fall is never an anticipated event when working at heights therefore the direction of your fall cannot be accurately predicted. All SafetyLink roof anchors are designed and tested as multi-directional.


Things to consider when purchasing height safety roof anchors from your supplier.

• Does your height safety anchor point system comply with Australian and New Zealand standards?

• Is your installer qualified to install your roof anchors?

• Does your roof anchor come with correct documentation e.g. installation guide, testing results, product sheets?

• Do you have test results for your roof anchors and are they done by a qualified and reputable testing authority?

• Are all areas of your roof protected with roof anchor points, allowing complete access when working at heights?

• Are you getting yearly inspections on your roof anchors as per Australian and New Zealand Standards by a qualified inspector?


SafetyLink can provide you with the following for roof anchors, static line systems, permanent ladders and ladder stabilisers:

• SafetyLink roof anchors comply with Australian & New Zealand standards.

• All SafetyLink distributors and installers are trained to use SafetyLink products.

• SafetyLink supply installation guides, testing results and product sheets.

• SafetyLink use a qualified and reputable testing authority.

• SafetyLink supply a large range of roof anchors that protect you from the ground up, allowing complete access to your roof.

• SafetyLink installers are qualified to do yearly inspections on your anchors as per Australian and New Zealand Standards.

If you have any questions relating to the above please contact one of our friendly SafetyLink team safetylink@heightsafety.com.