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Innovative Anchor Company's achieves success keeping you safe whilst working at heights.

We have height safety equipment for all buildings commercial and industrial sites from a series of anchor points to a complete network of systems for maintenance, cleaning access and inspections.

Click here to watch this video to see actual footage of a fall in a real life scenario.

Arvo Poldmaa Episode Winner on ABC1 The New Inventors

Episode Winner of ABC1 The New Inventors

In 2009 SafetyLink won an award for the patented TileLink™ on ABC1 The New Inventors, the TileLink's™ energy absorbing capabilities were trialled on air proving to be a great success.

SafetyLink’s TileLink™ is quick to install, with amazing performance ability, the patented TileLink™ is the perfect anchor for tile roofs. SafetyLink’s TileLink's™ unique design is practically invisible when looking at the roof.